Friday, November 28, 2008

Get your data dancing to your tunes with SUN Data Integrator (ETL)

SUN Data Integrator (SUN ETL), is getting ready to be even more user friendly with its revamped wizard experience from NetBeans IDE.SUN_Data_Integrator

The new experience will provide users with an option to craft ETL (Extract – Transform - Load) collaborations from data residing in disparate data sources like flat-files, csv-files,  spread sheets (XLS) and relational database tables. It would also support sourcing data from RSS feeds and some simple HTML web tables. User will be able to craft ETL collaborations by selecting combination of such data sources and moving source data to some target database.

Wide variety of relational databases  are supported by SUN Data Integrator of which some of the common once are MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Derby, PostgreSQL etc.

SUN Data Integrator can run as a JBI service (JSR 208 compliant) on the Glassfish Application Server thus enabling Data Integration/ETL as a SOA enabled service. It is also one of the key component for Project Mural (SUN MDM Suite) where it facilitates raw data loading from source systems into the MDM infrastructure. It is also used for loading indexed data (from MDM Project ) to its targeted database platform.

The Enhanced ETL projects also supports generating portable/re-useable ETL packages which could be used/re-used from command-line for simultaneous data loading  from various distributed host machines to a specified target database.

Here is how the integrated story would look like :


Stay tunes to find out more on this topic.

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