Monday, December 8, 2008

Demystifying Enhanced Data Integrator with some Demos

The Enhanced SUN Data Integrator lays foundation stone for providing a platform that would facilitate data movement virtually between wide variety of data sources and targets.

Typically Enhanced Data Integrator would work in three different modes :

  1. Basic ETL Mode : Data movement from a relational source to a relational target database.
  2. Advanced ETL Mode : Data movement from any data source (File and JDBC) to a relational data target. This also supports generation of staging database for injecting data into SUN MDM Projects (Project Mural).
  3. Bulk Loader Mode : Supports data loading for delimited files having well replicated relational targets. This is typically useful for loading indexed data (from project Mural) into its target schema/database.

To get the flavor of this, here are couple of videos from the Enhanced SUN Data Integrator bean bag that demos basic and advanced data integrator modes :

SUN Data Integrator - Basic ETL


SUN Data Integrator - Advanced ETL

Enhanced SUN Data Integrator projects can be created with Glassfish ESB RC1 builds under SOA catagory. You can download the installer here

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