Monday, March 3, 2008

Sun Tech Days - Hyderabad [Feb 27-29 2008]

Last week I visited Sun Tech Days at Hyderabad with my team. The goal was simple .. reach out to the world with what we have been doing for all these months. We went there to represent our open source community - Project Mural. Our pod was placed next to SUN OpenESB pod. Visitors found it quite useful to visit abutted Mural and OpenESB pods as it helped them visualize the SOA/BI strategy at a single stop.

Event was hosted at HITEX which is a world class facility situated at Hyderabad. The center is located next to Hyderabad IT hub and attracted quality crowd from the nearby corporate hub. People also flew down from metro hubs like mumbai, bangalore and chennai. Overall, it was a fantastic turnout and Mural/OpenESB pods were seldom without an inquisitive visitor discussing nitty-gritties of SUN technologies.

Mural pod was manned by Srini, Abhijeet and myself. We exhibited technologies like data integrator (eTL), Data Mashups, Data Cleansing and Profiling and Master Index creation tools. Pod witnessed visitors from varied backgrounds and capacities ... Directors, Architects, Tech Leads, Project Managers, Consultants, Research workers, Software code writers and Students from high profiled organizations like IBM, Center for DNA Fingerprint and Diagnostics (CDFD), Ministry of Science and Tech., NIC, Virtusa, Kanbay, Oracle, Cordys, RBI (Reserve Bank of India), Wipro, Infosys, Verizon, Zycus etc. Abhijeet demoed Data Cleansing/Profiling to the pod visitors and the exercise was well received. Students thronged in large nos to grab Mural T-shirts.

Abhijeet and I also presented a 5 min lightening talk and a very quick demo on the Mural Suite offerings which was well received. We invited a team from D E Shaw for an off line discussion as they found our mini talk thought provoking and wanted to see out eTL offering closely.

Srini's DataMashup and Prakash's sessions on BPEL went well. Despite of being scheduled late in the evening, these sessions were well attended.

SUN tech days was a three day event and was held between 27-29 March 2008. Event was well attended and real success is yet to be measured with how well SUN sales is able to connect back with the visiting community.

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