Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sun JavaOne 2008, San Francisco, USA : A picturesque summary

Ever imagined dressing up yourself with an expensive embroidered shirt and then hiding it behind a high neck black coat. This, by no means, demeans the worthiness of the shirt you possess however, your inability to sport it to the outside world definitely makes your pricey possessions lose its steam.

SUN Java One Conference is all about this. This is the confluence where geeks and gurus of technology industry around the world meet up and exhibit their latest and greatest products and inventions on a common platform provided by SUN Microsystems.

I was fortunate to be part of SUN Java One 2008 this year. Java One was held at San Francisco, Moscone center between 6th - 9th May, 2008.

Here are some of the things that I did there :

1. Conducted Pod Duties on the Project Mural Pod.

2. Spoke to Pod visitors at length about Open Source MDM (Master Data Management) offering and role of Project Mural in packaging all these together. Mural Pod witnessed variety of visitors that varied from CTOs, CEOs, Startup founders, journalists, analysts, students, technology freelancers, tech freaks and last but not the least, goodies seekers !

3. Running visitors through Sync Demo put up by the team at the Project Mural pod.

4. Delivered a community cornet Talk on Project Mural with Srinivasan Rengarajan (Mural Architect). The talk was well received by the attendees.

5. Meeting with Students from SJSU (San Jose State University) and their Dean, Dr Dan Harkey, to discuss about the ongoing engagements on research projects with them.

See Students and Mural Community for more details.
Also see Blogs from Sandeep Konchady, Mural community coordinator at SJSU.

6. Attended general session by James Gosling, co-inventor of Java.

7. Proctored following Java One Hands - on - Labs:
  • Plug into GlassFish™ V3 With JavaServer™ Faces and jMaki
  • SIP Performance benchmarking
  • Adding Convergence of media to your Java EE application using NetBeans and Sailfin.

8. Visited other pods and spent some time to understand the offerings from other open source vendors.

Here are some pictures that explains the grandeur and exuberance at Java One Pavilion :

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