Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome - A Search Centric Browser

 imageGoogle Chrome, an open source browser from Google, became available for downloads today. It must be just a few minutes past the moment that I noticed a link on Google  search page and downloaded the brand new browser.

Here are some of the key differentiators :

  • Its based on the theme which Google does the best .. Search!!
  • Browser has a combined search and address bar. Browser starts suggesting possible addresses as user starts entering web links or search strings.
  • Each new tab that opens on the browser provides a snapshot of most visited sites, book marks and recent searches.
  • User can search the browsing history instead of looking for it in the drop-down list. Also, users can use incognito window for private browsing where no browsing history is registered.
  • The tabs on the parent browser window can be pulled in and out to form separate windows or tab groups.
  • Each browser tab works as an independent process which means that if a site crashes on one tab, it would leave rest of the tabs intact while bringing down the tab on which a site crashed !!
  • The browser has softness of Apple's Safari and a punch on Mozilla's Firefox. It can  inherits the configuration from the installed browser.


Here is some more info of interest ....

  • Its an open source browser !
  • It uses components from Apple's WebKit and Mozilla's Firefox.
  • Beta released is for windows, Mac and Linux versions would gradually follow
  • Its build over V8, a more powerful java script engine!

With a simple yet winning look and feel, its a browser that you would certainly like to try and decide like other Google products.

Google Chrome can be downloaded here

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