Sunday, July 13, 2008

Enterprise Data Mashup with Project Mural

If I have to explain data mashup to someone in the simplest terms, here is what I would say ...
When data from more than one data source (can be heterogeneous sources i.e. RSS, HTML, Spread Sheet, RDBMS , Flat Files, Web Services etc.) is federated and integrated into a single application which can be exposed as a web-service, a Data Mashup is said to   Mural-logo-web have been created. The mashup service created in such a way can be of a completely different character vis-a-vis services or sources that contributed data into this mashup. In other words, data mashup potentially can offer a completely different brand of service by the virtue of federated data that could make the available data more meaningful for the end user.
Broadly speaking, data can be federated into a mashup either on the client side as is done by Yahoo Pipes or it can be done on the Server Side using Open Data Services components from Project Mural
Project Mural offers support for building Server Side Data Mashup. Being fully integrated with NetBeans IDE, it allows syndication of data from various enterprise level data sources and exposes it as a web service.  Data Mashup Service engine is a JSR208 (JBI) compliant service that can be deployed in the Glassfish application server. NetBeans also provides for complete graphical support for editing SQL joins between the federated data tables and also supports orchestration of service using BPEL editor.
Project Mural Data Mashup can be build using all Netbeans supported relational data sources. Apart from this, it also supports non-relational sources like Spread Sheets, Flat Files, HTML, RSS and XML by creating relational mappings using the user friendly wizards.
Information provided by the Mashup service is in JSON,XML and WebRowSet format currently. This data can be placed on the enterprise service bus using Open ESB components. Plenty of cool features are planned around this effort in Project Mural in the coming releases.
Stay Tuned and Watch out for more in this category ....
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