Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Project MURAL : Master Data Management (MDM) goes Open Source

Project Mural is yet another ambitions offering from SUN that was formally announced to the community somewhere in the beginning of June '08 along with the availability of Java CAPS 6.

With this, SUN becomes the First open source MDM software vendor to offer gamut of functionality that empowers various transformational initiatives like CDI (Customer Data Integration), PIM (Product Information Management), Building data services using SOA and creating Enterprise Data mashups.

The suite offers variety of functionality under the single hood. Data management capabilities such as ETL (Extract - Transform - Load), Data Quality (Rules based profiling and cleansing), Matching, Standardization/Normalization, Single entity view generation (called Master Data) from variety of distributed data sources, generation of federated data queries using data mashups are some of it to name a few.

MDM Suite leverages the infrastructure of well established communities like NetBeans, GlassFish and OpenESB as seen in the poster.

The initiatives directly affect the enterprise bottom line by providing indexed, de-duplicated view of distributed data which is cleansed of human errors and free of anomalies.

A lot can be read about it on the following official links.

PROJECT MURAL : Master Data Management (MDM) goes Open Source at Blogged
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