Thursday, July 31, 2008

NetBeans Database Explorer gets a facelift

NetBeans 6.5 will soon be witnessing a much needed change in its Database explorer capabilities which can be accessed from the NetBeans Services Tab.NetBeans-65

Database explorer, predominantly, has been a database query tool with minimal graphically supported SQL on the site. User, however, is provided with SQL interface from where SQL commands can be authored to perform database operations.

The brand new DataView NetBeans module provides many new features for existing NetBeans database explorer besides providing contemporary look and feel to the existing explorer.

Here is the concise list of some cool features that are being introduced in NetBeans 6.5 DB Explorer. The features will be available with NetBeans 6.5 Milestone 2 Release.

  1. Sort results based on a column
  2. Edit data from a query and commit changes
  3. Display number of returned records
  4. Pagination, Option to set page size
  5. Copy selected records with/without HEADER detail
  6. Generate SQL script for CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements from resultset data.
  7. New records can be INSERTED in the table using a graphical panel.
  8. Delete Selected rows
  9. Truncate the table
  10. Optimized pagination for MySQL and Postgres

Apart from this, some of the advanced features like suppressing edit buttons and row editing when data is being fetched from multiple tables are part of the recent enhancements.

Also, SQL editor has been empowered by advanced features like SQL Code Completion and SQL History to enthrall the users.

Here is the glimpse of added tooling on the SQL Editor viz-a-viz the existing one.

dv_old bend_arrow


Sun SOA/MDM team is the prime contributor of this functionality to the NetBeans design community.

If you are looking for some more details on this feature, you can get it here.

You may also like to review some more New and Note Worthy NetBeans 6.5 Milestone 2 features.

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