Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get your hands dirty with Mural Hands-On-Lab

Project Mural comprehensive suite bundles components that must inter-work to help user build a functional Master Data Management (MDM) solutions.

Following are the set of core components bundled in the suite :

Being the first open source community focused on MDM, it offers participative platform for the community based development and also encourages contributions in terms of pragmatic MDM solutions based on Mural technologies.

If you wish to take a deep dive into how some of these components can build a MDM solution for you, here is the place to start ....

Mural Hands-On-Lab starts from pulling out the data from a data source and transforming/loading it to a staging area using data integrator. It also shows how a simple master index model can be build that could consume the data from the staging. The lab also highlights how cleanser and profiler can be used on the source data before it could be processed to generate indexed database.

Note that the lab content is based on current implementations. As the components are rapidly evolving, the lab content may need upgrades which will be done in the phased manner.

The hands-on-lab zip can be downloaded here.

Rich set of Mural documentation and training tutorials are also available for a quick start.

Mural Installers can be downloaded from here.

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