Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Express JSON as Database Table from Enterprise Data Mashup

Project Mural offers an option to express data output from Enterprise Data Mashup (EDM) Service as JSON (Java Script Object Notation).

While JSON naturally gels well with the Java Scripts, there might be a requirement to process JSON with Java Utilities.


Here is a Java based JSON Parser for Project Mural Data Mashup Service that can help you do the following :

  • Visualize your JSON output from Data Mashup service more legibly as well laid table.
  • Convert JSON output into String table that can be viewed as a table into a different platform say, Mobile or a Handheld device.
  • Create Axion Database Tables with JSON data. Later use this to export data into some other database or use this into another Mashup.

You can download the JSON Viewer and the Source Code for this utility and here is how you can use it.

  1. Download and Unzip MuralDataMashupViewer.zip
  2. From MuralDataMashupViewer, Execute the Main class as follows
  3. Execute one of the following commands. Set your java path if not already done.
  • java-jar JsonFromMashup.jar <Data Mashup Service URL>
  • java-jar JsonFromMashup.jar <Data Mashup Service URL> <DBName> <DBPath>


<Data Mashup Service URL> : URL of your running Data Mashup Service (refer)

<DBName> : Name of the Database to be created containing JSON table

<DBPath> : Absolute path of the location where database needs to be created.

While the former expresses the JSON from service as a table on your output screen, latter also creates a database with JSON data from service that can be user with any other application. The screen shot shows JSON table created in NetBeans DataView abut JSON table expression on the user window.

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